The 2019-1 Round Trial under the auspices of the Task Force on Commercial Standardization of Instrument Testing of Cotton (CSITC Task Force) was conducted during the 1st quarter of 2019, and results were sent out on March 25.

65 testing facilities from all continents submitted results from 102 instruments.

With a median evaluation result of 0.35, this evaluation is again on the best level ever - up to now it was never lower than 0.35. It confirms the very good level of the Round Trials during the last years - median evaluations are since 2016 on a constant, good level between 0.35 and 0.39. Compared to earlier years (2007 to 2011) it means a substantial reduction of interlaboatory result variation. In fact, the variation is 30% lower than in 2012.

Round Trials serve to improve cotton instrument testing worldwide by providing detailed, confidential, diagnostic results to each participating laboratory. Participating labs do not receive pass/fail results.

Information about CSITC and a general summary of Round Trial results (information for individual laboratories is confidential) are available on this web site csitc.org --> CSITC Round Trials --> Round Trial Results. Any other general information can be found on icac.org

The organizers of the Round Trial (ICAC, Faserinstitut Bremen and USDA-AMS) are continuing their work on the Round Trials and laboratory participation. Every testing facility can join this activity at any quarter of the year. For this, please contact the ICAC secretariat for your participation (csitcsecretariat@icac.org or yana@icac.org). Participation cost is 275 USD per Round Trial (including up to 4 instruments), or 1100 USD for a complete year.